Viva Luxury Collection

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Viva Luxury Collection is true to its name; a stylish collection with special Swarovski crystals of high-quality materials. The Luxury Collection is made using alloy steel type 316L. This is a steel alloy with a very high resistance to corrosion. The type of steel is sometimes called “surgical steel”, but the correct term is "stainless steel". Our jewellery has a Silver, Gold or Rose gold plating. These are combined with Swarovski crystals of different stone types, such as moonstone and natural stone.

The Collection does not only have exquisite earrings, but also includes matching bracelets, necklaces and rings. Every woman will be classy & fabulous.

The Viva Luxury Collection matches the Viva Jewellery collections and can be presented on the floor or counter display, but really belongs on the exclusive Viva Presentation Stage.