Bridal concepts

Be enchanted by our stunning bridal jewellery! Chic, unique and specially designed. Bridal jewellery is a must-have at any wedding. From an eye-catching necklace to dainty earrings, every piece of jewellery is a jewel in itself. The Bridal Collection consists of four concepts; the Bridal stand, the Bridal display, the Bridal showcase tray and the Bridal counter display, all allowing you to showcase the most beautiful earrings. All concepts have been professionally styled and presented, but can also be created according to your own preferences.

The Viva Bridal team has years of experience in the wedding sector and can properly advise you. In consultation with you, we find out which display best matches the interior of your store to stimulate jewellery sales.

A bride’s wedding is the most beautiful day of her life. The jewellery from the Bridal collection are a stylish ‘finishing touch’. 


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No two companies are the same. We know this like no other. That is exactly why Viva has developed the ‘Bridal customized’. For the entrepreneur who wants that little bit more, or something that is just a little different. We are happy to contribute our thoughts to achieve the desired result.

Once a year, we present a new collection to make sure you can keep offering plenty of variation. Viva Jewellery is always focused on styling and presentation. The Viva bridal collection is all about the beauty and pure elegance that return in various themes.